ProduceIf great-tasting, all-natural locally-grown Produce is your thing, Leilani’s is your kind of place. Organic-standard Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Okra, and Beans are just a little of what we have to offer from late Spring to Fall, and Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Carrots, and more are available in the cooler seasons. Leilani’s grows Produce throughout the year because, after all, you have to eat the year-round anyway, so why shouldn't you eat Produce that’s fresh, nutritious, and delicious year-round? Leilani’s Certified Naturally Grown Produce is available from several different Markets in the area and online. See Leilani’s Markets for more information.


Leilani's FarmFrom the very beginning Leilani’s has been an all-natural grower of quality Produce and Herb, Vegetable, and Fruit plants. We are your local source for great-tasting, wholesome, nutritious Produce. Leilani’s follow the strict organic standards of Certified Naturally Grown Certified Naturally Grownand are proud to display their symbol of quality. We use “no till” naturally-evolving soil development, and never use harsh fertilizers, just natural aged manures, compost, and worm castings. We also don’t use chemicals, just natural and organic biological controls to ensure optimum food safety. We are committed to producing the best Edible Plants for your garden and the freshest, healthiest Produce for your table.